Magic Mirror Photo Booth - Business & Corporate

A great promotional tool

If your purpuse is to promote your brand, your company or your product, have maximum visibility, you stand out from your competitors, we have a solution for you, a promotional tool unusual: it’s Magic Mirror Photo Booth.

Photo booth Magic Mirror

Amazing, large and bright, it draws  attention without fail. Its red carpet will add a touch more glamorous, more WOW. Curiosity, beauty, and fun will attract people, they will all want THEIR picture, and of course they will share it.

Boost your campaign by allowing your customers the opportunity to be your spokesmodel for one moment on one picture. Your colors, your logo, your product, your tagline, your signature will be diffused quickly with this picture taken, posted, shared. We know the impact of a beautiful image on social networks, so stack the odds in your favour, include Magic Mirror Photo Booth on your project and let the magic operate.

One picture is better than a thousand words

Who spends a day without making or receiving selfies? You know currently everything moves fast, the long texts is over, now we want a powerful image, in which we recognize ourselves. The massive use of social networking combined with a beautiful picture projecting an ordinary person of your customer wearing your colors, and will create the BUZZ. Come closer to your customers, make them the stars, and they will make you the star in return. Go ahead, offer yourself the success  you deserve, rent Magic Mirror Photo Booth.

Events and meetings

Why Magic Mirror Photo Booth? Because he is there to put you in the spotlight, at shop openings, to promote a product in store, sponsorship during sporting events, and corporate events. Bring an original touch, a fantasy touch. and fun to your customers at your event, it will reward you. Magic Mirror Photo Booth is the essential element to make you shine.  ( See our offers )

Don’t wait, try Magic Mirror Photo Booth!!!